RANKEM products are manufactured by Avantor Performance Materials India, which offers a full range of products and services, all backed by Avantor’s proven commitment to product quality and customer collaboration.As an efficient and reliable laboratory solutions provider for quality assurance, research & development and manufacturing processes, RANKEM offers an expanding range of trusted and reliable laboratory solutions.

Purity and consistency are essential for all reagent chemicals, particularly acids. Whether used for trace-metal analysis or for general use, aligning the correct acid quality to your application is necessary to achieve optimal results. The J.T.Baker® brand has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality acids, beginning with the launch of the ultra-high-purity ULTREX™ acids product line four decades ago.
Today, J.T.Baker® acids offer four distinct levels of purity:

  • J.T.Baker® ULTREX™ II acids for critical elemental analysis with less than 10 parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels of up to 65 elements
  • J.T.Baker® BAKER INSTRA-ANALYZED™ Plus acids for elemental analysis, tested in extremely low ppb range for up to 64 metals
  • J.T.Baker® BAKER INSTRA-ANALYZED™ acids for elemental analysis, tested in the low ppb range for up to 35 metals
  • J.T.Baker® BAKER ANALYZED™ ACS reagent grade acids that meet or exceed ACS specifications and provide exceptional quality and The success of the application, reliability of results and proper testing of trace metals all depend on the correct quality and grade of acid. The J.T.Baker® line of high-purity acids will meet your needs - even for detection of trace metals at ultra-low, parts-per-trillion levels.

VWR has long been the leading global, independent provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers, enabling science for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government and healthcare industries.In 2017, VWR was acquired by Avantor, a global supplier of ultra-high-purity materials and customized solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology industries.

Rankem offers scientific glassware with product offering of more than 400 products. It has always been Rankem's earnest effort to enhance the services to the Indian scientific fraternity.Quality is the pivot for any chemical analysis,Rankem Class ‘A’ Glassware products meet stringent specifications of accuracy and precision to deliver the best to our customers. We are committed to keep the customer at the core of all product offerings, thus providing excellent value for money. We keep our efforts going to enrich our product portfolio with quality products to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Volumetric glassware
  • Laboratory glassware
  • Interchangeable glassware
  • Condensers /Assemblies

Built on talent, technology, and trust, Grace high-performance specialty chemicals and materials improve the products and processes of our customers around the world.Over 3,900 Grace employees safely and sustainably develop, manufacture, license, support, and sell leading technologies to a wide variety of industries. For more than 80 percent of our sales of catalysts and silica-based materials, we rank #1 or #2.

Based in the UK, ACE is dedicated to developing solutions that meet the demands of our fellow-chromatographers working in pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, universities, hospitals, research institutions, government agencies and the environmental & process control industries.The ACE range of UHPLC and HPLC columns is available globally through our extensive distributor network.We have gained an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality and competitively priced products - backed up by expert technical support and after-sales service.

A Legacy Of Excellence Since 1904 For more than a century, the J.T.Baker® brand has stood for excellence from the laboratory to full-scale production. In 1904, John Townsend Baker founded the J.T.Baker Chemical Company with a mission to produce chemicals of the "highest degree of purity commercially available." As the first to include lab results listing trace impurity levels on labels, J.T.Baker®chemistries quickly established a reputation for quality, data transparency and collaboration. Today, the J.T.Baker® brand is one of the most widely known and respected brands of chemicals around the globe

VWR BDH: In 2017, VWR was acquired by Avantor, a global supplier of ultra-high-purity materials and customized solutions for the life sciences and advanced technology markets. VWR’s expansive channel access and deep customer relationships strengthens Avantor’s abilities, adding a vital new dimension to the full scope of solutions we can provide—from discovery to delivery.

  • From its founding in 1908 London as The British Drug Houses, BDH has steadily evolved and grown to be recognized as a major supplier of laboratory and analytical grade chemicals throughout the world.
  • The comprehensive range of products offered in North America represents BDH's ongoing commitment to providing high-quality, affordable chemicals and reagents for Research, Environmental Testing, and Quality Control.
  • The guaranteed specifications of BDH Chemicals reflect their proud heritage. And, after more than 100 years of enabling reliable results, they continue to epitomize the exacting standards required by researchers and analysts today.
APIs and Intermediates

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